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Rabid.DAO what it means?



The RABID world consists of 4 main elements, the betting place, the casino, the NFT's and the social projects. Forming a cycle in which the betting place and the casino distribute ALL their profits, 60% to NFT holders and the remaining 40% to many social interventions in many places in need around the world.


The beginning of this cycle is marked by the first launches of NFT's, introducing some of the best athletes of many extreme sports, bringing a new kind of stability to the sport and athletes. The holders of these NFT's will have a monthly distribution part of the revenue from the casino and bookmaker, where the amount received varies depending on the number of NFT's and their rarity.

nuvem NFT.png

Betting place and Casino

After the launch of the first pre-sales, the decentralized crypto casino is born at the same time the sportsbook is created with the first extreme sports championships available for betting. Unlike all other casinos and betting places, here if the user does not win, 100% of that value is donated, in this case the investment is reverted to distribute 60% to the NFT's holders and 40% is used as a donation for several social interventions.

Social Projects

With the social projects, we aim to be able to have a greater impact in communities that are in need of support, cooperating with the countless examples of social projects that are changing the lives of several people right now, donating, building and supporting society for a better quality of life. The NFT’s holders will be able to suggest and vote in witch intervention and/or donation should be done monthly. With this, it will be possible to document an online series presented by the athletes and send a positive and very important message for everyone, hoping to be an example and inspiration, also making known many initiatives that often do not have the capacity or the means to make themselves heard.

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